Nacho Tour of the 614

Nacho Tour of the 614

Nacho Tour Part 1: Campus

I’ll tell you what—as soon as “who wants to eat nachos?” escaped my lips, there was no struggle in finding volunteers to accompany me on my summer long journey. Although reading about heaping plates of nachos isn’t as fun as actually consuming them yourself, I encourage you to follow in our footsteps!  

Over the summer I’ll be sharing a series of 5 blog posts dedicated to cheese, chorizo, chips, and everything in between. Consider my site an all-you-need-to-know resource library for a perfect nacho night. Enjoy following along on our adventure, and try not to drool! 🙂

Nacho Stop #1- Ethyl & Tank

I’ll be the first to admit I was pretty pumped that we were returning to our favorite college bar for Stop #1 on the Tour. Ethyl & Tank’s “Tank Nachos” on Tuesdays and Thursdays were an instrumental part of our younger years. I mean, $5 in college had to go a long way. And for this?!

Ethyl & Tank Nacho Plate

Who could beat that? I’ll tell you. No one, because this was the cheapest nacho plate (err, serving tray?) campus had to offer. You’re given the option to pick between chicken, pulled pork, or all veg, and the rest of the toppings are piled on. Although not a top chip choice for a romantic date on your four year anniversary (whoever is reading this post looking for nachos as an anniversary dinner, you’re my soulmate), it is the perfect bar for a bite during a Sunday football game or trivia night with the roommates. God bless E&T, our home base for planning the rest of our h”app”y summer. Okay sorry that one was too far. Moving on.

Nacho Stop #2- Mad Mex

Stop numero dos is only a few blocks away from our first nacho adventure, and is yet another staple from our college years.

Mad Mex Nacho Appetizer

Mad Mex could be considered a step up from ole Ethyl, sporting a host stand in the front of the “Tex-Mex” themed restaurant and a full menu. But how classy can one really consider an establishment that named its famous drink the “Big Booty Margarita”? (You’ll hear no complaining from me as the large size of this baby, the “Big Azz Margarita”, is only $7 every night after 10pm.)

Anyway, on to the nachos—you can catch the rest of MM’s happy hour deals here!

Here’s the breakdown:





And let me tell you, you can’t go wrong. Mad Mex has discovered, tested, and perfected the ultimate nacho app strategy —layering.

Mad Mex Nacho Appetizer

Oh, the layers. One of my only gripes about a mountainous plate of nachos is that the toppings are the first to go and all that’s left are a bunch of dry (or even worse, soggy) chips. Mad Mex goes the extra mile by alternating a layer of nachos with a layer of the cheesy, sour creamy, black bean saucy, yumness. I don’t know if I’m even typing English anymore.

Mad Mex, 1. Nacho Trailers, 0.

Until next time!