10 Gifts for a Foodie

10 Gifts for a Foodie

We all know at least one person that’s a total foodie (or maybe it’s you!) who deserves a gift that matches their love for anything eats. I’ve come up with 10 great (and some local!) gift ideas to buy that one food lovin’ bestie this Christmas. Check them out!

  1. Letterboard from Letterfolk ($30 – $140)

10 Gift Ideas for a Foodie

Although a bit pricy, I lusted after one of these letterboards for months. When I finally gave in and ordered one, I didn’t regret it for a second. It’s the first thing people comment on when they walk in my front door (I wish I could attribute that to my witty sense of humor, but unfortunately I’ll chalk it up to the IG inspo where I get all of my quotes) and it’s so easy and fun to put the board together. Letterfolk sends MORE than enough of each type of letter, plus signs such as exclamation points, question marks, periods, etc. And NOW they just started selling add-on letter packs that are gold or silver. I. WANT.

2. Cbus Food Adventures Tour ($50- $60, depending on length/area of tour)

10 Gift Ideas for a Foodie

Why wouldn’t a gift from a foodie include eating? With the purchase of a ticket (or giftcard!) on a Cbus Adventures Tour, you get to ride around in a van (or walk, depending on the tour/time of year) with your knowledgeable hosts and visit up to ten eateries in certain areas of Columbus. Bethia Woolf has designed adventures that range from Taco Trucks Tours, Alt Eat Tours, German Village Tours, Meat Lovers Tours, and the list goes on! Check them out ASAP- there’s even some spots left on tours this weekend if you buy one for yourself.

3. Clothes! Homage T-Shirts ($24 – $32)

Anything Homage just makes my heart warm. What’s better than their soft material and fun, local prints? Catch me in a donut shirt from now on until forever.

10 Gift Ideas for a Foodie

4. Pistachia Vera Macarons ($1.75/macaron)

Take the gift of food a step farther, and make your actual GIFT food. I wouldn’t wrap these little guys a month in advance, but they’re sure to make great aunt Leisel squawk when she opens a thoughtfully delicious treat. Pistachia Vera even includes this box with your purchase of X or more macarons. The more the merrier!

10 Gift Ideas for a Foodie

5. Doormat ($15 – $35)

Honestly, what doesn’t Amazon have anymore? Take your pick from a cornucopia (like my Thanksgiving lingo?) of doormats that welcome your guests with funny foodie phrases, demands, or pleasantries. Bring on the Tacos!

6. Appliances- Zoodler ($20) or Waffle Maker ($15)

I’ve had a zoodler in my kitchen for a few years now, and let me tell you something. If you’re even a moderately healthy eater (or want to be!) get yourself a zoodler. Or buy one for someone else! The one linked above has sticky feet to keep it from sliding all over, and a super easy turn-knob to crank out veggie noodles in no time. Zuchinnis, apples, sweet potatoes, I’ve zoodled them ALL. Take it a step further and get your veg-head bestie this cookbook ($18), which lists endless ideas for your pasta makin’ machine.

A Belgian waffle maker is 100% on my Christmas list this year. Although I grew up with one, I gave it away after graduating college with the thought “I’m an adult now. Adults don’t eat waffles.” LOL YES THEY DO. And now I want waffles pretty much every Saturday morning when I wake up. For some serious (healthy) waffle inspo, follow @partyinmyplants on IG. That girl is the waffle kweeen.

7. Aprons ($15 – $30)

10 Gift Ideas for a Foodie

Although it’s not usually at the top of everyone’s Christmas lists, we can ALL use an apron. I don’t know how many times I’ve come home straight from work, kept on my nice dress pants, and proceeded to get oil/flour/sauce/younameit all over my clothes while I cook (lol or eat) dinner. They’ve got aprons for everyone, even these cute little kid aprons ($24) I’m OBSESSED with from Anthropologie. Do they make this in adult sizes? Asking for a friend…

8. Fox in the Snow Tote ($12) & Coffee Stamp Book(FREE)

10 Gift Ideas for a Foodie

FITS just came out with their merchandise line a few months ago, and LET me tell you. It’s more perfect than their egg sandwich, which is pretty darn perfect. How cute is this tote?! Shop online and in-shop from a variety of T-Shirts, pins, mugs, giftcards, and memorabilia. You’re a basic/hipster/614 fan, and you’re not afraid to flaunt it.

Oh, and the Columbus Coffee Experience Stamp Book? Best gift you could ever give, and not just because it’s free. These little “passport” books are available at any of the local participating coffee shops in Columbus. Each time you make a purchase at any of the coffee shops, you’ll receive a stamp. Once you have just FOUR stamps, you can make your way (or run, depending on how much caffeine you’ve consumed) to the Arena District Visitor’s Center, and you’ll get a free Columbus Coffee Tshirt! The gift that just keeps giving.

9. Participatory Dinner at The Kitchen, ($60/person) or Cooking Classes with Zest ($55-90/person)

The not-so-subtle way of telling someone their cooking skills could use a little boost. Either way, this is a fun gift for a mom, friend, or date night. At The Kitchen, you will arrive 30 minutes early to a designated and pre-planned menu to begin cooking your feast. Almost all dinners at The Kitchen include a Soup, Salad, Entrée, AND Dessert, and they help you cook it all! And the best part? No dirty dishes to clean up when you get home. A full bar is also available at standard rates. Check out their calendar of events linked above!

We all love their juice, why wouldn’t we love their cooking classes too? Join the Zest team at 1400 Food Labs and cook up a four-course meal or some easy super bowl snacks. Many of their classes are conscious of those needing dairy free, gluten free, or vegetarian options as well. My mouth is watering!

10. Rustic Wine Rack ($50 – $100)

10 Gift Ideas for a Foodie

Etsy, you never fail to amaze me. This was my very first “big girl” purchase after graduating college, and it’s my favorite piece of décor that I own. Not only is it pretty, but it’s super useful too! Keep your wine bottles, glasses, and other knick knacks all in one place and out of the way. I’ve linked the Etsy seller I purchased from (he even let me pick my favorite stain!) but my boyfriend now would kill me for paying this much for a wood pallet wine rack. So if you’ve got a handy hubby, here’s a fun, inexpensive Christmas gift idea for the both of you. Gosh, I just sit there and stare at it sometimes. Isn’t she pretty?

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