Chelsea Market – NYC

Chelsea Market – NYC

Chelsea Market

Open 7 Days a week, 7am-9pm Monday through Saturday. Sundays 8am-8pm

Before you start reading about my post on what to eat and where to eat in New York City’s Chelsea Market, we have to make a pact. This is a no judgment zone. Everything you see and read below WAS eaten in one trip. I honestly surprised myself at how much I fit inside my 23 year old body in those two hours, and don’t regret a bite of it. When in Rome.. right? Anyway. Now that we got our little disclosure out of the way, let’s get eating through Chelsea Market! For anyone making a weekend (or even one day) trip to New York City, I couldn’t recommend making this stop enough. It was one of my favorite places on our long weekend (see this page for our other eats around the city!) and I certainly plan on returning for our next visit. Come with an empty belly, a little patience for the longer lines, and besties who won’t judge you for an abnormal amount of taco consumption 🙂

Cull and Pistol: Oysters

Cull & Pistol, Chelsea Market

Did someone say oysters? Count me in. Ever since I tasted my first salty oyster along the beach of sunny Fort Myers, I was sold. If you follow me on Instagram you already know I’m quite the frequent at Italian Market Village’s $1 oyster night. If you’ve tried oysters and still hate them, I applaud you for at least trying. And you haven’t ventured out of your shell (lol, sorry) to try—I encourage you to taste at least Cull & Pistol, Chelsea Marketone! I can’t name too many things that only cost one dollar to try. Anyways. Cull and Pistol is a sit-down style eatery, so we chose to sit at the bar as we were looking to order a few oysters just to taste before venturing through the rest of the market. Their menu let us choose between a wide assortment of oysters from all coasts of the country. The staff was welcoming and the prices were pretty common for oysters (approximately $3/shell). We also tried our very first baked oysters and WOW. What have we been missing out on all this time?! Our broiled east coast oysters were topped with kale, parmesan, shallots, and butter. Yum. Overall, we were only there for about 30 minutes total, but could have spent hours tasting oysters, drinking wine, and pretending we were back on the beach again.





Doughnuttery, Chelsea Market

Mini Donuts. B. You Can’t Buy Just One. (no really, since they’re mini the least # you can buy at a time is 4) C. More than 23 flavors and at least 5 dipping sauces to choose from.

Do I need to keep going or does this place not sound like the best thing ever? Although I had a little wait in line, it gave me just enough time to decide on my mini donut flavors. I chose four Bam Berry flavored donuts (Blueberry, Acai, Maqui) and four Cocoaboy flavored (Cacao nibs, chocolate cookies, and mesquite). And yes. I ate every single one. They’re small, okay?! Calories don’t count on vacation, and especially not when you’re inside Chelsea Market. Refer to disclosure paragraph at the beginning. J

It was a fun experiencing watching the donut-making process take place, almost like a mini Krispy Kreme store crammed into about 5 square feet.

Doughnuttery, Chelsea Market


Los Tacos No.1

You know those sketchy looking Asian restaurants called something like “No. 1 Chinese”? And you know most definitely that their food is NOT #1?Los Tacos No. 1, Chelsea Market Forget any contemplations you had about that theory, because Los Tacos No. 1 really is number one. And everybody and their brother in New York knows it, too. Los Tacos No. 1 is a small taco stand tucked back in their own corner of the market. After waiting in line for about 25 minutes, I took my place at the register and ordered one Carne Asada Taco (grilled steak) and one Nopal Taco (grilled cactus), and watched the masters at work. It didn’t take the team behind the bar long to whip together my tacos, and I was able to add various toppings myself after being handed my plate. Whatever juicy magic Los Tacos marinates into their carne asada, Mexican to me will never be the same.





Mokbar, Chelsea MarketWhile I tackled the taco situation, my boyfriend snuck his way into Mokbar, which happened to be right across from the taco stand. Mokbar is known for their Korean ramen “Soul Food”, and is a sit-down style eatery. Because he couldn’t eat the ramen noodles in his dish of bibimbap (ramen and having celiacs doesn’t mix well) he got rice in his bowl instead, and we were both just as pleased! Although the bowl was a bit pricey at $14, it could have certainly provided leftovers if we weren’t heading out to tour Battery Park that afternoon.




Chelsea Creamline

Unfortunately, we were too full from all of our other ventures in the market and were unable to try anything from Chelsea Creamline. The line wrapped out of the store and into the walkway told me that it was a popular place! Check out this shot from @creamlinenyc: here.


Cull & Pistol, Chelsea Market
Enjoy this pic of more oysters. Because, oysters.